Cart Price Rules Magento2

The Documentation

Cart Price Rules is an extremely powerful tool which allows you to create and apply a wide variety of discounts promotions such as coupon code, free shipping, free product, etc. The discount will be applied automatically when the conditions are met, or be applied when customers enter valid coupon codes. Also, these rules can be customized to allow discounts on particular products, customer groups, quantity restrictions, and much more.

The purpose of a promotion is to turn a customer’s interest in a product into a commitment to purchase it. With Cart Price Rules, you can increase average order value through targeted promotions as well as create opportunities for customer engagement.

1. Manage Rules

With Cart Price Rules, users can creat a new rule or edit existing rule. To create a new rule, click on the Add New Rule button. To edit existing rules, click on its row in the table.

2. Coupon code

By using Cart Price Rules, you can create coupon code or generate a list of coupon code in the field Manage Coupon Codes.

3. Condition

There are various conditions which you can choose to create price cart rules. All conditions that you add are true so that the rule is applied.

4. Actions

Admin can easily select type of rule, product(s) will be applied and shipping method for cart rules in this tag.

5. Label

Cart Price Rules allows you to set labels for discount for all store views or default store view. That is a perfect combination for your ecommerce store.

Go to the Marketing -> Cart Price Rules.

To add a new rule, click on the “Add New Rule” button

Then you fill information for four sections: Rule Information, Conditions, Actions and Labels

1. Rule Information

Rule Name – you can write any name here, as it is for internal use. Just try to write something that will help you associate the name of the rule with promotion itself.

Description – here you can write any information related to the cart rule. This description is also only for internal use.  

Status – here you can select whether your price rule is active or not.

Websites – here you can select websites to apply the rule.

Customer Groups – in this field you have an ability to select which customer groups can use cart promotion rule.

Coupon – If you choose “Yes” then rule will be applied only when coupon code is set. If it is “No” then the rule will be automatically applied once rule’s conditions are met.

Uses per customer – here you can set how often the rule will be used. By this you can restrict customers to use the rule only once.

From Date/To Date – in these fields specify the dates for which rule will be valid for.

Priority – set the priority in case you have many cart rules.

Public In RSS Feed – select if the rule is published in the RSS Feed or not

2. Conditions

This tab helps you specify your cart rule.

3. Actions

Percent of product price discount – discount will be calculated as the percentage of the original price. For example, if the product costs 50$ and we have 10% discount the final price with discount will be 45$.

Fixed amount discount – this means that you will subtract a fixed sum from your original price. For example, if the product costs 50$ and discount is 10 the final price will be 40$.

Fixed amount discount for whole cart – Discount will be applied for the whole cart not only for cart items. For example, you have 10$ discount and two items in the cart 50$ each. In total your sum is 100$ minus discount, so after all you have to pay 90$ for two products.

Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y) – the rule is if you Buy X you get Y for Free. In the field Discount Amount you should put the number of items that clients get for free, and in the field Discount Qty Step (Buy X) you should put the number of products one have to order to get the discount (Y product free).

Here you should set the amount of you discount.

In case you set this to 0 it means that promotion is available to any quantity. If you want the discount to be applied from limited number of items just set the necessary quantity in this field.

As I have already mentioned this field is relevant, if you select Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y) . Here you have the option to set the number of products that clients should order to get a certain number of products for free.

Set YES if discount should be applied for the shipping amount.

By default it is set to NO. If you choose For matching items only, no shipping charges will be calculated for the products in the cart to which the rule applies. For shipment with matching items if there are products in the cart which correspond to the rule, then there will be no shipping charges for the whole shipment.

3. Labels

Labels Tab allows you to set labels for discount for default and store views.

On this page you can type the label as it will appear in all store views in the field Default Rule Label for All Store Views or you can set it differently per store view in the field Default Store View.

In case you left these fields empty the discount on the frontend will just be labeled asDiscount.

4. Manage Coupon Codes

After you have created your new rule, Magento gives you an option to Manage Coupon Codes. You can find this field in the already existing rule under the Labels tab.

Go to Manage Coupon Codes

Finally, you have to Save all your changes.

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