Magento 2 Shop By Brand

The Documentation

After download the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzip the archive.

Step 2:

Disable cache at System -> Cache Management.

Step 3:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento folders of files, only the new contents will added.

Step 4:

Use SSH, go to Magento root folder and run command below:

1. Run command update database : php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Run command deploy : php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: logout from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Shop By Brand -> Settings or Stores -> Settings -> Configuration -> CMS IDEAS EXTENSIONS -> Shop By Brand

You should configure information to the fields, then click the "Save Config" button to save your work.

- General Settings:

- List Page Settings:

Page Title - Title of Brand page

Page Template - Choose page template to display for a brands list page. There are 4 template available: 1 Column, 2 Columns left, 2 Columns right and 3 Columns

Small Image Width - Allow you to set small image width of brand images.

Small Image Height - Allow you to set small image height of brand images.

Show Brand Name - If is "Yes", allow name's brand displayed on the Brand listing page

Show product Count - If is "Yes", allow display the number of available products together with the brand logo on the Brand listing page

Show Featured Brands - Choose is "Yes", if you want the Featured Brands section will be shown on the Brand Listing Page

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