Magento Booking and Reservation

The Documentation

After download the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzipped the archive.

Step 2:

Installing the extension. You can check compilation state in System > Tool > Compilation, see "Compiler Status". If status is "Enable" to change it to "Disable".

Step 3:

Disable cache at System > Cache Management.

Step 4:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento folders of files, only the new contents will added.

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: logout from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

Booking product is kind of product in Magento. Booking product is specially designed with purpose to create products which like a ticket to the cinema, hotel booking or service products…. It has a special set of attributes and one critical custom option for specification of customer’s needs.

1. Create Booking Product

Go to the Catalog -> Manage Products. Click Add Product button at top right corner.

To create new Booking Product, You perform the same steps to create another product in Magento. But there are some differences below:

1. You need to select Booking Product for Product Type field.

2. In the “Inventory” tab, you set Manage Stock is No

3. In the “Custom Options” tab, you need to select Mulitple Date for Input Type field. It will display calendar on product page.

4. In the “Book setup” tab,  You need to set Booking attributes.

Quantity - it is count of available products in one specific reservation time.

Shipping - allow enable or disable shipping for this product

Booking From - the day began to use the booking product. If it's empty, the product is available for all days from now.

Booking To - this is the same as in previous but this indicates the last possible time in what my product possible can be used.

Billable Period - There are two types. 

  • Day - it means that product is booked for whole day / 24 hours or more days.
  • Session - it works like a defined event for defined day and time and there is only displayed a starting time of the event. There can be more events in one day.

Exclude Days - it is applied for day which there is no option to booking product.

Custom Sessions - you can define sessions for a specific day, every day of week,... and all of these sessions are loaded on frontend for customers as possible events for reservation.

Price Rules - This is the last attribute, we can set. Classic settings for product discounts or special prices are available in magento as well, but this is whole new feature just for booking product. We can set “Last Minute price”, “First Moment price” or discount based on length of reservation.

Refer examples below for booking product.

Example 1: Hotel Booking

This product is applied for hotel booking. When set for Booking product, You select Billable Period type is Day. It allows customer reservation for day or more. Then you can set some exclude days, to specify time when this room is not available.

You cannot specify custom sessions because this product has billable period “Day”.