Ajax Search Pro

The Documentation

After download the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzipped the archive.

Step 2:

Installing the extension. You can check compilation state in System > Tool > Compilation, see "Compiler Status". If status is "Enable" to change it to "Disable".

Step 3:

Disable cache at System > Cache Management.

Step 4:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento folders of files, only the new contents will added.

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: logout from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

1. Configure Sphinx search

Go to the CMS IDEAS -> Search -> Settings

Built-in Sphinx Search Engine - This mode dose not require installation of Sphinx Engine on your server. You’ll receive the same features as with Sphinx Engine. The only drawback is a slower speed of the search than with the Sphinx Engine. Read more Sphinx Search Engine

External search engine - will be used Sphinx Engine installed on the server of your store.

External search engine (another server) - will be used Sphinx Engine installed on any other server.

If you use External search engine, press button Run Full Reidex, than press button Start Sphinx deaemon

Sphinx Host - Sphinx daemon host (localhost by default).

Sphinx Port - sphinx deamon port (any free port).

Sphix Bin Path - if extension can’t find “search” I your server, you need to enter the full path to the “search” (ex. /usr/local/bin/).

Cron expression for Full Reindex Schedule - specifies how often cron must full Sphinx reindex. For example, 0 3 * * * -every day at 3:00.

Cron expression for Full Delta Schedule - specifies how often cron must run dalta (oly changes) Sphinx reindex. For example, */15 * * * * - every 15 minutes

If you use External search engine (another server), fill in fields, press button Generate Config file and copy config file to your Base Path

Base Path - any folder on sphinx server, where you would like to store sphinx configuration and indexes (ex. /var/sphinx/)

Sphinx Host - Sphinx daemon host (localhost by default).

Sphinx Port - sphinx deamon port (any free port).

Advanced Options section

Max number of items in the result - sets maximum number of items in the search result. Set 0 to disable limitation.

Match Mode - sets search logic for the search queries.

Search Template - the type of search logic.

Enable wildcard search - allows customer to search the product by part of the word. This option slightly reduces the relevance of search and increases the number of search results.

Wildcart Exceoptions - the list of words (characters) for which no wildcard rules will be applied.

Replace words in search query - words from the first column will be replaced by word from the second column. Words in first column to be separated by comma.

“Not” words - words which change search sequence to 'NOT' (ex. not, without, exclude). 'Not' words can be useful for search phrases like 'laptops without bluray'. In this case search will return all laptops without word 'blu-ray'.

Redirect if Single Result - if the search query results only one match, customer will be redirected to the single result automatically.

Multi Store Results sections

Display multi store results - if option enabled, search results will be displayed for each store in the different tabs

Display results for these stores - sets stores, for which search results will be displayed.

2. Configure Search Autocomplete

Go to the CMS IDEAS -> Search -> Settings -> GLACE EXTENSIONS HOT -> Search Autocomplete

In the section, enter settings