Magento 2 Easy Creat Form

The Documentation

After download the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzipped the archive.

Step 2:

Disable cache at System -> Cache Management.

Step 3:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento folders of files, only the new contents will added.

Step 4:

Use SSH, go to Magento root folder and run command below:

1. Run command update database : php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Run command deploy : php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: logout from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Easy Create Form -> Manage Forms

To add new Form, you click the button "Add New Form" at top right corner. Then you fill the required fields in three tabs: Form Information, Settings, Form Builder.

- Form Information tab

Form Name - The name of the Form

Description - It will appear under the form name

Success message - It will be displayed after the form completion

Status - If Status is "Enable", the Form will display in the page

- Settings tab

- Form Builder tab

Allow to create the fields of the webform with type input as Text, Select, Radio, Chexbox,....

To create a new Field Set,  you click the button Add New Fieldset at top right corner.

When Open window, you fill the field:

Display in frontend

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Easy Create Form -> Settings or STORES -> Configuration -> CMS IDEAS EXTENSIONS -> Easy Create Form

When you use the Easy Form, it helps you easily to manage messages of Customers. You can even reply to customer messages from the backend.

You can view the contents messages of Customer in the Manage Form. Click the results column in grid

If you face problems with the installation or customization of our product please do not hesitate to contact us via our support ticket system: