Magento 2 Product Feed

The Documentation

After download the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzipped the archive.

Step 2:

Disable cache at System -> Cache Management.

Step 3:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento folders of files, only the new contents will added.

Step 4:

Use SSH, go to Magento root folder and run command below:

1. Run command update database : php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Run command deploy : php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: logout from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Product Feeds -> Create Feed

Create a new product feeds

To add new product feeds, you click the button "Add New Feed" at top right corner. Then you fill the required fields

- General tab

Name - The name of product feed

File Name - Specify feed name

Type - Choose product feed format. There are three file types available for product feed, TXT (.txt) , CSV (.csv) and XML (.xml).

Execution mode - Select feed generation mode (Manual, Hourly,Daily, Weekly or Monthly).

Cron Execution Time - Specify feed generation time to generate feeds when the site load is minimal.

- Content tab

Allow to create/edit product data display in the data feeds. It depents on the format when you select at the Type field of General tab.

Configure XML Feed

 If you select XML file type at tab General
Usually Comparison Shopping Engines provide a template of the xml file. Based on this template, you can create own xml schema.
Extension provides templates for XML feeds, so you can easily copy it and change for your requirements.

Configure CSV, TXT Feed

If you select CSV or TXT file type at tab General

You need creating attribute scheme for data feed and to Creating attribute scheme click the button Add Attribute. Then fill in the required fields.

- Format tab

- Conditions tab

- Delivery tab

If you select "FTP" at the Delivery Type. Extension can automatically deliver data fees file via FTP to Shopping Engine Service.

- Analytics tab

Click the button Save

Take similar steps, you can create other Product Feeds

If you face problems with the installation or customization of our product please do not hesitate to contact us via our support ticket system: