Magento 2 Store Credit

The Documentation

After downloading the package, please proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Please unzip the archive.

Step 2:

Disable cache at System -> Cache Management.

Step 3:

Unload the contents of the module package to the Magento root folder. This will not over write the existing Magento files, only the new contents will be added.

Step 4:

Using SSH, go to Magento root folder and run command below:

1. Run command to update database : php bin/magento setup:upgrade

2. Run command to deploy : php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

Step 5:

Refresh your admin user access rights: log out from your store admin and then login back. Next, please Enable Cache.

1. Settings

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Store Credit -> Settings or STORES -> Settings -> Configuration -> CMS IDEAS EXTENSIONS -> Store Credit

2. Manage Credit Transactions

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Store Credit -> Transactions

On the Transactions page you can see the customer transaction details such as Customer Name, Customer Email, Balance Change, Balance,etc.

2. Manage Customers Using Credit

Go to the CMSIDEAS -> Store Credit -> Customers

On the Customers page you can see detailed information of the customer such as: Customer Name, Customer Email, Balance, Update At

3. Create Credit Product

Go to the PRODUCTS -> Catalog

To create a credit product,  you click the button "Add Product" and choose the "Virtual Product" product type at top right corner. Then you complete the required fields

Customizable Options tab

1. Display Transactions History on the Customer Account Page

After Customers login to your website, they can access the Store Credit page in two ways:

Firstly, clicking on the "My Account" link -> Select "Store Credit" in the dropdown list

Secondly, click on the "Store Credit" tab on the left navigation on the "My Account" page

2. Store Credit on the Checkout Page